{pretty. happy. funny. real} - the gardening edition

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I am so excited for this weeks edition of {pretty, happy, funny, real} hosted by the lovely ladies at Like Mother, Like Daughter. This past weekend we put in our square foot gardens here at Chez Lenaburg. It was my Mother's Day gift. So on Saturday, we worked together as a team and accomplished so much. I am so proud of my guys! Do you want to see what we did? Come with me my friends...
red onions, brussels sprouts, tomatoes, peppers, red cabbage and jalepenos...oh my!!
This little gem was last years Mother's Day gift. Do you se the little lovely white flowers?
In a few weeks those are going to be scrumptious little blueberries.
My OWN little blueberries...squee!! I cannot wait!!
You say tomato, I say tomahhhhto...grow baby grow!
They will be so yummy with a little balsamic, sweet basil and mozzarella!
Miss Courtney "helped" supervise the gardening extravaganza.
Coy little thing don't ya think? This look always makes me laugh!
Happy girl thinks being sprayed with mist from the hose is pretty funny.
Putting in a garden is hard work. My guys did a wonderful job.
I can't wait to share the bounty with my family.