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Courtney attended her first Prom today in a dress that I made for her. She looked so lovely. I was so proud of her. She was not all that thrilled with the fussing and picture taking but then she never is. I took over 189 pictures today...these are my favorites...enjoy!

Here she is...Miss Courtney...Prom Queen 2011...
This made me so happy...Miss Courtney and her friend with their sparkly
shoes ready for the Special Needs Day Prom.
Sparkly shoes a must have for any Cinderella!
The first thing Miss Courtney ALWAYS does when her feet are not tethered...
is cross her legs. I laugh every time. What a little Diva!
Jonathan thought Court's "fascinator" looked like a birds nest. LOL!
I guess Courtney felt the same way because she refused to open her eyes or lift her head at all for pictures.

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