pushed against the wall...

Sometimes life throws you a curveball or two or three ALL in one week. So when times get complicated I come to this space to ask for prayers from you my sweet readers. 

This week has been extremely challenging. Possible forced job changes for my husband, challenging family situations and one sweet young lady who has lost another four pounds and is in danger of being declared "failure to thrive" is enough to make this menopausal woman wish for a vacation alone on a tropical island with my own cabana boy bringing me lovely little gifts in a pineapple with an umbrella. I dream of having not a care in the world. 

Unfortunately that is not to be. So if you would be so kind as to raise your voices with me in prayer over the next few days. I would be so grateful. 

**Please pray for Courtney to gain some weight and for the dietician to be able to help us figure out what's happening once more.

**Please pray for my hubby and his future employment. Whatever and wherever God wants us, we will go. He just needs to tell us where. 

**Please pray for Jonathan and his summer employment as well as his college transfer choices. 

**Please pray for a sticky family situation that needs a wee bit of God's grace to heal and make better.

**Please pray for me, that I remain calm and focused on what NEEDS to be done for everyone. Pray that I have the strength and energy to see HIS plan through whatever that is. 

You all are the best...thank you for being there one more time...

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