the rhythm of home ~ getting back into the swing of things...

Outside My Window ~
My husband created a natural trellis from a fallen
tree branch for these purple beauties. So beautiful!
I am Listening To ~
The coffee is percolating promising me the most lovely cup of java...I can't wait. The washing machine is humming and the dryer along side it. There are letters to write and homemaking to accomplish. It will be a busy day here at Casa Lenaburg.

I am Wearing ~
Denim capris, a sky blue cotton tunic, a pink canvas work apron and flip flops. Tis the season for flip flops and I love it!

I am Blessed and Grateful For ~
#270 ~ #300:
*God's bounty that comes forth from the earth.
*modern medicine that allows my daughter to live as seizure free as possible
*thanksgiving for my son's summer employment
*cold iced tea on a warm spring day
*corkscrew curls on a humid rainy day
*HGTV on a rainy day that inspires a few new homemaking projects
*a sewing machine that charges through a prom dress and capri pants
*roses that bloom on the very day you need a little peace of beauty to make all things right once more.
*hot sudsy water that aids the cleaning of my kitchen floors leaving behind the scent of lemons and verbena.
*a delicate china cup that delivers lemon and hot Earl Grey tea on a rainy afternoon
*late night movie dates in my own living room
*beautiful cotton fabrics that feels as soft as a babies cheek
*the sunshine, oh how I have missed the feeling of sun on my face
*story time with my favorite daughter
*corn chips, tacos and a cold beer shard with the man I love
*big fluffy pillows on a freshly made bed
*newly framed pictures of relatives lost but never forgotten
*hope for a new day
*friends who come to your rescue
*quiet time spent pondering God's word
*blue taffeta and lace stockings
*hot coffee cake fresh from the oven and friends to share it with
*freshly squeezed lemonade served with cookies and lots of smiles
*sweat and hard work digging in the dirt, coaxing the earth to cooperate
*a wonderful read on a Sunday afternoon
*clean socks...never underestimate the power of clean socks
*looking down the row at church and seeing the three most important people in my life. It's makes my heart sing every time.
*clothing neatly folded and actually put away where they belong
*the challenge of new recipes in the kitchen

I am Pondering ~
"Not the goods of the world, but God. Not riches, but God. Not honors, but God. Not distinction, but God. Not dignities, but God. Not advancement, but God. God always and in everything."
 -- St. Vincent Pallotti

"To keep a lamp burning we have to keep putting oil in it." 
-- Mother Teresa

"Charity may be a very short word, but with its tremendous meaning of pure love, it sums up man's entire relation to God and to his neighbor." 
-- St Aelred of Rievaulx

I am Reading ~
Fifth Witness by Michael Connelly
A Killer Among Us by Lynette Eason

I am Creating Something of Beauty with My Hands ~
I am taking inventory of Miss Courtney's closet. She needs a few new pairs of capri pants and maybe a blouse or two. The goal will be to make them and NOT go to the fabric store but rather use what I have on hand. Looking below that shouldn't be a problem. LOL!
Ta-dah! The famous fabric stash.
On My iPod ~
I am loving Chris Sligh's 2010 CD "The Anatomy of Broken"His lyrics are honest and hit home every time. His songs One and Scars are my favorite. I can listen to them and instantly feel the presence of the One who loves me no matter what. 
I have also deleted several songs that after listening to just didn't sit right with me and my mother's ears. I instantly felt better. If I don't feel comfortable listening to it around my young nieces and nephews than  it goes. 

I am Writing ~
...still plugging away on the memoir. Structure is the name of the game and I am struggling a bit with it.   Won't give up though...never give up. I am also writing some more posts for this week. It's nice to find a rhythm with this blog once more. 

Towards Rhythm and Beauty in my Home this Week ~
I spent the weekend cleaning and except for one room I am feeling fairly good about the state of the house. It is amazing how quickly things can spiral out of control. Those darn dust bunnies are relentless. 

Living the Liturgy Daily ~
Since this is the month of Mary, I am concentrating on the rosary - saying it and learning more about it. It is also still Easter Season, so finding little things along the way to celebrate. I love my faith and the traditions it holds. 

I am Hoping and Praying for ~
*for the NFP class Jerry and I are teaching. May God guide our words and open the hearts of our students to God's plan for their future families.
*for perseverance with my new weight loss regimen...for patience with myself and my learning curve.

* for a return to civility with the political discourse in this country. Words have power and people need to be personally responsible for the words and deeds. "Words which do not give the light of Christ increase the darkness." Mother Teresa
* for my cousin Anne and our friends son Mark, who are deployed to Afghanistan as well as our family friend Gerard a newly minted Marine and my cousin Eamon at Marine Boot Camp in San Diego. May God protect all those who serve this wonderful nation.
* for my sister-in-law Nancy who is expecting my new NEPHEW in September. That God may protect both Momma and little one. 
*for Caleb and his Momma and Daddy. That they may feel hope once more in the midst of great sacrifice. 
"Pray, Hope and Don't Worry" ~ Padre Pio 

In the Garden ~
It looks like a flower unfolding but it's really romaine
lettuce in my garden. I can't wait to taste it!
There is so much happening in the garden. The tomato plants are growing, the pepper plants are right behind them. The kitchen herb garden gets greener by the day. All the recent rain has helped tremendously. I now have to schedule time each day to take a turn through everything for weeds but I don't mind in the least. This is my first big garden and I am excited to see the results in the next month or so. 

In the Kitchen ~
Things have been a little slow in the kitchen but this week I have a few new recipes I want to try. Our weekly CSA begins at the end of the month so that will really challenge my culinary creativity. Nothing like a box filled with seasonal fruits and vegetables to inspire. It's the not knowing what they will be each week that is freaking me out a bit. We are going to travel this journey together my friends. It will be one tasty trip!

Courtney's World ~
Miss Courtney has been struggling a bit of late. She has lost more weight (how? I have no freakin clue) and is now back under 100 pounds. This is NOT good at all and so I ask for your prayers. We have two weeks to see if we can turn things around to avoid further medical intervention. Because she has lost weight, she is seizing more often due to the differing med levels. Her care requires such balance. If one thing changes, then it rolls down hill and changes everything else! So keep praying...we need them all!

A Picture Thought ~
This is the feast that my honey made for me on Mother's Day!
I can't wait to share some of the recipes with you.
I love this man, especially when he cooks for me!
Mother's Day was so lovely...I can't thank him enough!
(Don't ya love the look? He makes me laugh)

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