5 minute friday...everyday

This 5 minute Friday thing is addictive...just set the timer...sit and write...post and go read all the fabulous words others have written. Awesome way to start my day! Thanks Gypsy Mama for hosting this little life party. Today's writing topic...

I wake up to the sounds of my sweet Courtney telling me it's time to get moving. There is feeding, changing, dressing, packing of supplies and of we go for another adventure in living. For the last eighteen years it has been the same routine. Every.Single.Day.

I wouldn't have it any other way. There are those whose special ones have already gone home to God, those whose special ones now have to be cared for by someone other than their Mama's and Daddy's. I am amazed that each day God provides the physical strength and mental fortitude to do this thing we do. 

The lifting of a body that is broken. G-tube feedings and so much medicine, it requires a checklist to keep track of. The holding of hands that are without purposeful movement. The wiping of a face after meals and the bum after diaper changes. The pushing of a wheelchair and combing through the most glorious curls. 

Everyday I have that privilege. 

Now mind you there are days when I don't feel so blessed. When seizures rack her body and I am calling out to my God to just make it STOP! When she decides that sleep is for sissy's and pulls an all nighter so that her Mama (who is no longer a spring chicken) dreams of a caffeine I.V. When she pees through all her bedding or right after she is dressed for church she decides to have a gully washer. The laundry pile alone makes me want to weep on some days. When she is not a compliant young lady spitting out food or screaming at the top of her lungs in the soup aisle of the grocery store. Those days I just want to crawl back in my cave and never come out again. 

But then she does this:

...and all is right with the world! 

Times up! What's your everyday like??