mary's book basket ~ chasing sunsets by eva marie everson

Eva Marie Everson has given a valiant effort in her latest fiction novel "Chasing Sunsets". It is a rare occasion when I review a book that I struggle with the review. All the components are there, emotion, compelling dialogue, a mothers journey of self discovery, healing and new beginnings. It contains a wonderful inspirational element that brings the hero and heroine together to finally face their happily ever after at sunset.

There was one drawback though,  every time I was drawn into the story the author would have a flashback trying to fill in the back story when it wasn't really necessary. I kept flipping back and forth between character POV even though it is written in first person. I was confused at times as to where we were and what was happening.

Great story but confusing at times. I really enjoy this authors other work. She is a compelling writer whose description of the family dynamic is one of the best I have ever read. I just wish I had seen that in this novel. Maybe next time.

Happy Reading,