mary's book basket ~ "double take" by melody carlson

"Double Take" the new Inspirational YA by Melody Carlson reminds me of "Freaky Friday" without all the witchywoo or maybe even "The Parent Trap" without the parents.  It's a light hearted book with romantic elements where two young woman from two very different worlds to try and find what each is searching for in their individual lives in a very unique way.

How does this happen? Well Anna and Madison look very much alike. During a chance meeting in a rural town, they decide to switch places for the week with spoiled little rich girl Madison VanBuren venturing into the Amish life of Anna Fisher and heading to Manhattan.

There are lessons to be learned on both sides and it was refreshing to read a more realistic spiritual journey that each girl makes. There is lots of laughter and much confusion but they make it work, well almost. You'll have to read to find out what happens.

I enjoyed this read. The characters were well fleshed out and the dialogue both funny and sweet depending on the circumstance. My only complaint is that I wish the author had stayed with the characters a bit longer. The ending was too short. If your looking for something safe and sweet for your younger teen, look no further. "Double Take" by Melody Carlson is the book for you.

Happy Reading,