so many blessings...

This past week I was really challenged to look at everything in my life to find the little nuggets of gold sprinkled though out my life. As Winston Churchill said: "Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference." He was so right. No matter what is going wrong (and believe me in this house there are days when not much goes RIGHT!), we need to look for the little jewels that God has left for us to encourage us and keep the hope in our hearts alive. Every day may not be good, but there's something good in every day. 

So many blessings to count on this day...
#339 ~ spaghetti and meatballs piled high all covered with cheese
#340 ~ fresh sweet whipped cream gently laid across cherry clafuti warm from the oven
#350 ~ hugs and snuggles from a freshly scrubbed teenager who wants nothing more than to be close to her much love...
#351 ~ chocolate ice cream cones dripping in the heat
#352 ~ The Holy Eucharist raised high on Corpus Christi Sunday...lifted with sacred prayers and song
#353 ~ safe travels for those we love dearly
#354 ~ zucchini blossoms promising future delights
#355 ~ blueberry bushes brimming with fruit for the first time...sweet!
#356 ~ the blessings of bleach and all it's magic powers
#357 ~ new pictures of Grandma surrounded by 17 of her grandchildren
#358 ~ colorful pictures in a new cookbook that inspire time in the kitchen creating wonderful dishes
#359 ~ books that inspire and educate
#360 ~ new stationary waiting for words of love and encouragement to be sent far and wide
#361 ~ a clean refrigerator that smells like lemons and is filled with "clean" healthy food
#362 ~ dusted bookshelves
#363 ~ vacuumed carpets 
#364 ~ scrubbed kitchen floors
#365 ~ sweet cherries by the bowlful
#366 ~ Little girls who grab the arm of a wheelchair so that everyone is included
Lilly and Courtney shopping together...
Join Ann Voskamp today and share in the Multitude of Monday Blessings!

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