some days are just plain BAD...

Today has been an epic FAIL! A Monday of terrible, no good, awful, horrific proportions.

*The phones were knocked out yesterday during a nasty thunderstorm. The technician is five hours behind and will be here in 15 minutes. I have heard that ALL day so we shall see. Thank God for cell phones.

* I have gotten less than three hours of sleep for three days in a row due to Miss Courtney's midnight and 2 a.m. seizure party's she's been throwing. I dream of sleep...all day long. At this point there is not enough caffeine in the entire state of Virginia to keep me awake much longer. Apparently I am too old to handle an all night party...when the heck did that happen???

*I woke up fighting a migraine and around lunchtime I gave in and took my meds which knocked me out for the next three hours. Now I am holding my own but still feel pretty shaky. Better living through chemistry!

*Miss Courtney has decided to stop eating by mouth. It has been a struggle for the last four or five days to get her to eat by mouth. We have seen doctor after doctor and none of them have an answer. Thank God for her g-tube so we can supplement. I cannot express how freaking scary it is when your child is losing weight and won't eat. NOT FUN! I have offered to give her a fat transplant but so far it's a no sad...

*My honey has been working some very long hours lately and it's taking it's toll on me. I forget how much we are a team until he's not here to be my teammate. I am tired and cranky and probably shouldn't be complaining because there is always someone else worse off.

*There is NO chocolate in the house! This hurts me...deeply...

*So for those who think I am always happy, funny, put together and deserve sainthood next week...did I mention I am out of chocolate?? Now you get to see the real me...SCARY!

Hopefully Tuesday will bring happier times...until then...drink heavily!

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