the tale of the meatball launcher...

I have this problem. It's a disease really. It's called "I don't know how to say no" disease affecting all parts of my life at church, school or with my writing friends. I have suffered from the ailment for many years and every once in awhile when I realize my over commitmentitis rears it's ugly head, there is a flare up of symptoms that just about take me out.

What are those symptoms you ask???

1. Severe short temper due to lack of sleep. I don't sleep because my mind is constantly going 200 hundred million miles a minute thinking of everything that can go wrong. I am nothing if not prepared for every contingency including dealing with no sleep.'s a vicious cycle.

2. An out of control desire to beat people up...especially the stupid ones who annoy me with their incompetence as well as their inability to read my mind and do what I am thinking, thereby making me do their job, which in turn leads to more stress which leads to less sleep and thereby making me short-tempered and cranky.

3. A strong need for comfort food which leads to many hours in the kitchen which means I am behind in spray painting the tennis balls to look like meatballs for the daughter's school carnival TOMORROW!! And just in case you were alcohol was involved in the decision making process to say yes to making the meatball launcher. Who knows what kind of craziness I could come up with under the influence of a delightful cocktail.

4. The daughter get's some mysterious stomach/intestinal virusy thing (which we now know was food poisoning...yay!) which turns our home into a living perti dish for the last four days causing me to do nothing but be on hold for the different docs for hours on end as well as change diaper after diaper of...well use your imagination and then make it tens time worse and you might be close. This leads to tons of worry and concern but little to no sleep thereby making guessed it...cranky!

So what is the lesson to this story...say no every once in awhile so that when life gets turned upside down the only thing you need to worry about is how to set it back right side up instead of being obsessed with meatball launchers. You own't regret it...I promise!

PS. You know you want my know you do!!

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