wednesday, wednesday...

Hello from the land of exhausted mothers and one beautiful grumpy blonde one who is getting better everyday. The virus is passing and we have been fever free for 36 hours now. She is eating once more and id finally taking food by mouth. Her G-tube site looks better and better everyday. Thanks so much for your prayers everyone...we need them all!

The last 48 hours have taught me many lessons:
#1. Chocolate makes everything better...except my waist measurement but whose looking!
#2. I am amazed at what I can do with less than two hours of sleep.
#3. Having a good relationship with your primary care physician can make weathering any medical storm that much less stressful.
#4. That being said, patience is key when trying to figure out what is wrong with your non-verbal, non-ambulatory, severely disabled child. She does speak her own language, I just need to listen watch and when I have trouble call in a translator.
#5. See #1...add coffee to punch up the happiness factor.
#6. It is not a good idea to begin a major de-cluttering project in the middle of the night while caring for  your very sick child. When that inner voice says "Let's just get it done while she's sleeping", yell back at it "Are you crazy! Read a book, listen to some music. Don't ADD to your stress by making your living room look like the middle of the Goodwill" or something to that affect.
#7. Spray painting tennis balls the color of meatballs (to use in a game at the school fair on Friday) in the 95 degree heat makes you either a VERY dedicated parent or one CRAZY woman!! I vote for #2!
#8. Trying to do revisions on a memoir that is already drenched with emotion and high drama while your in the middle of more emotion and high drama is not very conducive to positive mental health. Just sayin...
#9. Husband's who make a special effort to me extra kind, gentle and loving while their wives are under extreme duress trying to make it all work, while in the middle of a medical crisis, get a sweet loving wife who appreciates their effort to reassure and support. Those that don't...see my husband...he can give you lessons!
#10. Root Beer Floats Rock!!

Happy Wednesday,

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