blessings on the fourth of july...

Happy Independence Day!!

So many blessings to count this morning:

#367 ~ a "staycation" surrounded by the three most important people in my world
#368 ~ "egg-in-the-whole" with coffee and locally grown bacon
#369 ~ a bucket of hot soapy water, emanating that lovely lemon verbena scent, at the ready to scrub down cabinets and floors.
#370 ~ living in a country that allows me the freedom to worship as my heart leads
#371 ~ a son with a strong back willing to assist with the care of his sister who cannot help herself
#372 ~ my beautiful daughter's strong alto voice expressing her love for God during Mass
#373 ~ the smiles and chuckles that evokes from our Pastor when he hear's that voice knowing he has gone on a wee bit too long with the homily
#374 ~ Twitter feed and texting that allowed me to stay in contact with all my writing friends while they were in conference three states away
#375 ~ homemade popsicles that drip sweetness on a hot summer day
#376 ~ a date with my guy that ended with my toes taking a patriotic turn
#377 ~ hair color that allows me to push the passage of time away for a few more months
#378 ~ the Our Lord
#379 ~ words that leap off the page and inspire
#380 ~ a bountiful table filled with delectable delights surrounded by special ones we love
#381~ modern bathroom facilities
#382 ~ long talks on the front porch late at night with the man who holds my heart
#383 ~ thunderstorms that light up the sky and take care of the watering needs so #1 son doesn't have to
#384 ~ the healing power of words
#385 ~ sweet wonderful readers who email me or stop me in church to say thank you for the words in this space
#385 ~ the Eucharist in all HIS glory

Please take a moment and stop in @Holy Experience to be blessed by Ann and her readers who are all thankful for the love and mercy of Our Creator!

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