five minute friday ~ "welcome" to saturday's edition...

Yes, I know. It's Saturday, not Friday.

Yes, I know. I think Gypsy Mama will forgive me, but it's been that kind of weekend...filled with lot's of surprises requiring me to roll with the punches.

So why not just skip this weeks writing prompt? Cause I really love this community and I figured better late than never.

The timer is set for five minutes and I am settled at the keyboard. Here we go with this weeks writing prompt:


This word evokes so many different thoughts for me. My deepest desire for anyone who enters my home is to feel WELCOME, to feel like there is nothing more important to me and my family right at that moment than to sit and chat awhile. To inquire about their life, their dreams and their hopes. Asking "How's your mother? or inquiring about a new job. I want them to know that when they bring your little ones to my home there is nothing that can't be spilled on or broken that means more to me than the time spent with them and their children

It invokes in me a feeling of inclusion, to WELCOME everyone into that circle sitting at a table in the bar at a writing conference. Some one stops by and says WELCOME them in. There is always room for another chair at my table. Always.

WELCOME is the first thing I say when holding a new born babe in the hospital. "WELCOME to the world little one. There is a great adventure waiting for you." I love the feeling of new beginnings.



OK, so now you get to finish. What does welcome mean to you??

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