I'm here...I'm here...

Hi All,
Just a quick stop in to say I'm here...things are better...Courtney is gaining weight slowly but surely. She stands at a lovely 102 pounds as of Monday. Now to get another 3-5 pounds on and keep them there.

So my time is being spent doing feeds every two hours. Three a day by mouth and the rest by G-tube using her specially formulated highly-caloric homemade formula. On top of that we have four BIG doctor's appointments over the next ten days. Needless to say I am running like mad here to keep my head above water and have not been able to get to the laptop for any extended length of time.

I totally missed Tasty Tuesday and writing out my blessings list on Monday. Sorry...I have tons of recipes to post and the blessings are flowing at high speed these days. So much to share with you all.

Things will calm down in a few days now that we have a schedule in place for Miss Courtney. Thanks for hanging with me. I will be back tomorrow for a quick peek at life with {pretty, happy, funny real}.

Hugs to you all!

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