mary's book basket ~ "martha" by diana wallis taylor

We all know the biblical story of Lazarus and his sister's, Mary and Martha. Have you ever wondered how they grew up? How did they meet Jesus? What happened to them after the Resurrection? In her newest novel "Martha" author Diana Wallis Taylor takes us on a journey to Bethany, a small village outside of the Holy City of Jerusalem to meet Martha and her siblings. I have to admit I was intrigued with the concept and  was looking forward to the read.

Ms. Taylor has a gift for description and setting. It is immediately obvious she has spent many, many hours researching the time period and the landscape. You are drawn in from the first page to the time when Jesus walked the earth. The description of how a home was run and how the Jewish traditions were an integral part of everyday life is both beautiful and inspiring. It places you right next to Martha as she weaves and Mary as she stomps the grapes for wine. I also love how Ms. Taylor draws you into their interior lives as well. Mary's innocence, Martha's servant spirit and Lazarus's strong moral code.

This book was a great read that kept me up late two nights in a row just to see what would happen. It's the best historical biblical fiction I have read in awhile. So give this one a shot...I think you'll enjoy it!

Happy Reading,