mary's book basket ~ "perfectly invisible" by kristin billerbeck

Kristin Billerbeck's latest YA novel "Perfectly Invisible" takes up where "Perfectly Dateless" left off. It's Daisy Crispin's final semester of high school and she wants to get her life back on track.

The pacing of this book is at times a bit awkward but Billerbeck does a very good job of getting the snarky, quirky dialogue down pat between Daisy and those she interacts with. She uses the humor to deal with some pretty heavy issues. It's really what Billerbeck does best.

Again, I have issues with the over the top treatment of her parents who really become caricatures of ultra-conservative quack jobs. I also got a wee bit tired of all the complaining that Daisy does. Her lot in life just isn't that bad even given much leeway for the "high drama" factor that most authors implement with the YA heroines.

All in all a good solid read with some laugh out loud funny moments.