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****Updated at 3:35 p.m.
Miss Courtney had her 7th Upper GI this morning and Praise God everything is still intact from her 1996 Nissan Wrap (the stomach surgery she had to stop her reflux) and there is minimal scarring to her esophagus. This is the best possible outcome for now. She is still losing weight for an unknown reason so we will meet with the dietician team on Monday afternoon for a new plan. She has been refusing food by mouth so we have had to beef up her formula. At this point it's all we can do for her. She really likes roast chicken, sweet potatoes, meatloaf, lasagna and chicken rice casserole so that's what she's been eating. I wish I could eat that way! LOL!
Thanks once more for standing with us and praying our girl through another hospital  visit.
Normally I would be posting a few photos of {pretty, happy, funny, real} but instead Miss Court will be going in for an Upper GI at 7:30 a.m. She has been steadily losing weight again and is now hanging out at 99 pounds. Not particularly good. So we need to check on her Nissan Wrap that was done on her tummy in 1996, to make sure there is no silent reflux going on causing scarring to her esophagus.

What makes this a bit more stressful is that Jerry has to take her himself. I will find myself at work prepping for summer school that starts Monday, while Daddy goes to the hospital. Have I mentioned how much he HATES hospitals. Yep, this is a first for us since I take care of all things medical for our princess.

So if you could send a few happy thoughts and healing, calming prayers our way tomorrow morning I would be ever so grateful. These procedures are never easy for her always causing a few more seizures and stress for all of us. I'll let you know what happens...

Thanks for always being there for us and our daughter!

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