a weighty week...

morning tube feeding...yumm!
Hey Everyone,
Today was the first day of summer school for Miss Courtney. She attends a special program for four weeks that allows her to get PT everyday so we don't lose any of our skills before school starts again in September. It also begins a week of doctor's appointments keeping us out of the house much more than usual. So things will be a bit slow this week here in blogland since I won't have much computer time. I have several recipes ready to post so I will roll those out. Let me know what you like.

I so appreciate your understanding. You guys are the best readers a girl could have.
Yummy spinach, whole wheat pasta and chicken along with our vitamin regimen
Today we met with the dietician and g-tube team trying to figure out how we can help Miss Court gain a little weight. She has gained two pounds in the last three weeks and is back in triple digits at 100 pounds. Although a good thing we need to get her to 110-115 pounds. At 5'6" she is on the tall side for someone with cerebral palsy so we need to get some meet on those bones. So we came up with a new feeding plan that is complicated to say the least. At this point I will take all the complication necessary if it means a healthier happier Miss Court.

So we will add more tube feedings, grind sweet potatoes for lunch, and cook everything in butter. There will be midnight snacks, early morning yumminess and bi-weekly weigh-ins...Yay!

Thanks for hanging in with our girl sending your prayers and good wishes. We appreciate them all.


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