finding abundant blessings no matter what...

Happy girl is now 104 pounds!! Wahoo!!
It's been a very, very busy few weeks here at Chez Lenaburg. I think I finally have the new feeding schedule down for the lovely Miss Courtney and it's working. She has put on three pounds in three weeks. YAY! I must admit I was getting worried.

Oh forget it...let's keep it real...I was freaking out...

It can really mess with this Mama's head when Miss Courtney is losing weight and NOTHING had changed in her diet or the amount of food she was being fed. She doesn't feed herself, I feed her so whatever the issue was it had to be my fault...right??

Well that's what I was thinking.

Yes, I am that crazy.

So the dietician and I re-calibrated her G-tube formula and made some changes in the meals she eats by mouth and three weeks later things are much, much better. I am now breathing easier and as you can see from the photo above, Miss Courtney is feeling better too!

My lesson in this little bump in the road...step outside the box and maybe you can see what's actually going on inside it.

I know, I am no philosopher but in this case it's the truth. When I got out of the way of my Mama guilt (cause you know it's all about ME!) and looked at everything happening in Miss Court's world (3-4 minutes seizures at least twice a day which were burning calories like mad plus she has grown another inch so she is now 5'7" CRAZY!) got DOWN on my knees and begged for wisdom and guidance all while seeking as much information as I could, talking to docs and alternative healers... God's time...a solution was found.

So you really can find abundant blessings no matter what is happening good or bad. As Ann Voskamp would say "To receive God's gifts, to live exalted and joy filled, isn't a function of straining higher, harder, doing more, carrying long the burdens of the super-Pharisies or ultra-saints. Receiving God's gifts is a gentle, simple movement of stooping lower." ( from One Thousand Gifts)

Oh the stooping I have done these past weeks and months trying to figure out how we can help my girl. It is always my one wish and prayer to make her life the best it can be no matter what is required of me. She suffers so much everyday, I just want her world to be candy kisses and rainbows...she deserves nothing less from her Mama.

He must increase, so I must decrease John 3:30

This is a lesson God keeps teaching me time and time again over the course of my 43 years. Each time it's a little different, new twists and turns on the message but the end result is the same...get OUT of God's way and let Him do his thing. Keep your mind and heart focused on Him and He will carry you through.

Always look for the blessings. Other blessings in my world:
#387 ~ #411
*the scale creeping upward and that being a joyful occasion
*a happy smile on Courtney's face making her Mama's heart smile
*friends far way leaving messages of joy and hope
*a new book club that is welcoming and warm
*writing friends who understand the ups and downs of revisions and strengthening stories
*duct taped wrapped presents that when finally opened cause ooh's and ahh's of joyful glee
*the color purple and the 14 year old who loves it so
*looking for and finding Eucharisteo amidst the gut wrenching trials and tribulations of parenting a young adult
*for safety on the road, for my son and those who are with him
*for a positive resolution to a recent car "incident" involving said young adult
*aunts and uncles who live states away that always bring joy
*for Trevor and Caden, tow young lads who make their Auntie M so very proud
*for five year old nieces who have grown into little ladies overnight
*newly refurbished coffee shops and friends who meet you there
*test messages that make you laugh out loud
*dishwashers that lighten a tired Mama's load...literally
*Grandmothers who book vacations to far away lands to snorkel and outrigger canoe never allowing there age to stand in the way of new adventures
*books that take me away to beaches and sand dunes on a rainy summer afternoon
*politician's who vote their conscience wether it's convenient or not
*food made with the abundance of my very own garden
*new baking technique's 
*a partner who gives more than gets
*ice cold Dove Bars covered in dark chocolate
*fabric that inspires a new Sunday outfit for Miss Courtney
*bowing low in prayer with open palms to receive grace

for more blessings head over to Holy Experience

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