five minute friday ~ whole

I have missed participating in these little journal moments the past few weeks. No that summer school is done I have a little more time to fill my creative bank account. You remember the rules don't you? Five minutes, no editing. Just allow the words to flow...

This morning the theme is WHOLE:
Tomorrow is my 23rd wedding anniversary. Twenty-three years! How did that happen so fast? This man who walks beside me, who holds me when I cry, who makes my knees week when he looks at me that certain way, who frustrates me one moment and has me in stitches the next. This complex, intelligent deep thinking man who swept me off my feet so long ago...completes my heart making it WHOLE in his hands.
Dating in 1987- He really is a happy guy - I promise!
Twenty-three years have brought us many, many challenges and just as many wonderful memories. This man who God chose for me fills in all my rough spots. He is the calm to my storm. He is the caution to my hurry up. He is the one who cradles my heart next to his. He kneels beside me each night and together we lift our eyes to the ONE who completes the triune of us in a way we will never fully comprehend until we stand in HIS glory.

I am friend. I am wife. I am lover. I am WHOLE.

Thank you my love for making it so!
Photo taken in 2010 by the lovely Andrea Gayle...
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