five minute friday...older

It's that time once more...Five Minute Friday hosted by the lovely Gypsy Mama. The rules are simple. Set the timer for five minutes and just turning back...silence the inner critic and just write what comes to your here we go...

This weeks theme: OLDER

I am getting OLDER. In a matter of weeks I will be 44 years old. I remember when I thought 40 was "old" and now I am OLDER than "old".

I feel like there is so much life is yet to be lived. I am just getting started. I finally figured out who I am and what I want. At least for this week I have. Why do I still question myself so? Why do I give in to the inner critics voice inside my head that tells me "it's not enough". When does that voice get silenced?

When I am OLDER? Aren't I supposed to be wiser? I guess I am just OLDER.

I have learned as I have gotten OLDER that life will never turn out exactly how you think it will. It used to make me mad. Now it gives me encouragement and hope that things will be better than I ever imagined. I guess that's one thing that's good about getting OLDER. Understanding t=and accepting that there are things you cannot change and then there are those things you can change. That's where you spend your energy.

I could do without the saggy body parts, eyes going bad and knees that creek first thing in the morning. That part of OLDER is not so fun.

I want to be one of those little old ladies that is wise and funny. The one that tells stories of love and life that inspire and encourage those younger that everything will work out. It will be OK. This too shall pass.

Maybe I have to wait until I am OLDER...