greeting the week with gratitude...

celebrating the new Eagle Scout! 
It's been awhile since I have done a daybook here in this space but I promise to do one later this week. This morning though I just want to praise and be thankful for everything that God has blessed me with. As I look over to the side bar I see there are 100 of you who now follow this page. I am so humbled by your trust. So humbled that you would want to stop in and say hello. Thank you so much for the gift of your cyber friendship.
Three of the four Eagle Scouts in the family...the two on the left are mine
This past weekend was filled with family and friends. My house looks like a tornado swept though it but that's OK because it was worth all the chaos. Life is short and the lessons are abundant. God is stretching me of late and the growing pains are a sweet reminder that I am loved and never alone. Neither are you!
kisses from Daddy to his favorite girl...
So on this day I am thankful for:
#442 - #457
*the newest Eagle Scout in our family R. This Aunt is so proud
*watching my two Eagles stand proudly with R to celebrate his achievements and remember their own
*being surrounded by family, little and not so little. I love them all
*seeing the passage of time in the face of the families newest teenagers. Time flies by so fast. How did she get to be a freshman in high school already. This Aunt is feeling old!
*the smile on my mother's face as she stood proud with her eldest grandson's
*chocolate cake and yummy buttercream topped by a glorious eagle
*sleeping daughters snuggled with Daddy
*kisses on the nose
*conversations with my favorite five year old
*listening to the almost seven year old talk about how he loves "Maff and Art"
*music blaring and nieces and nephews doing the twist
*sending birthday love in the mail
*Hero's in the Heartland who forgot themselves and offered help to others
*crock-pots filled with healthy supper 
*the smells spilling forth from the kitchen surrounding my family with love
*friends praying for happy outcomes to new adventures
*a firefighter brother who thinks of others before he considers his own safety
*the hand that holds mine every I love this man
*a certain birthday happens later this week...19 years of joy!
*Pinetrest pin boards
*green lush garden filled with veggies just for me!
*old pickle jars now filled with tea brewing in the sun
*clean socks, folded and put away, where one can find them!
*tomatoes, mozzarella and basil
*laughing with my son...always the best!
Crazy Mama and her favorite son...well her only son...LOL!
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