mary's book list ~ "the colonel's lady" by laura frantz

Inspirational author Laura Frantz's new novel "A Colonel's Lady" takes the reader on a powerful emotional journey filled with forgiveness and redemption as well as a little intrigue with the Revolutionary War as a backdrop. The reader is drawn in from page one to the plight of the heroine Miss Roxanne Rowan and her meeting the very formidable Colonel Cassius McLinn on the Kentucky plains.

The vivid picture that Ms Frantz paints of the rural landscape in 1779 takes the reader to another place and time with the incredibly rich historical details of the landscape and daily life. As the reader you find yourself drawn into the intrigue of a spy plot as well as the rigidity and perils of living on the frontier.

As for the character development...well it's just as rich as the landscape described. The love story between Roxanne and Cass is layered with emotion and keeps the reader on the edge of their seat wondering what will happen next. It's so wonderful to read an Inspirational novel that is laced with realistic sexual tension between a man and a woman, yet respects the moral tenants of the individual as well as the social dictates of the time period.

All of this makes for a really wonderful read. So grab a hot cup of tea and settle in for a lovely read that makes you dream of ball gowns and cherry bounce wishing you too were "The Colonel's Lady".

Happy Reading,

*This book from Revell Publishing is now available for purchase at your local booksellers.