a monday overflowing...

#473 - Mary looking upon her special one, smiles from Heaven
The sun has set and the house is quiet. I am preparing for a busy, busy day tomorrow. I will be speaking to first year medical students at USUHS (Uniformed University of the Health Sciences) which is the militaries medical school, located at National Medical Center in Bethesda, MD. This is a yearly event where parents of chronically ill or special needs children present their families story. Each small group of students asks as many questions as they like about all kinds of things from the medical diagnosis, to how the family is coping, to end of life issues.

It is an opportunity to impact their path, to give them a view of life on the other side of the examining room. They are shown how each medical decision has a consequence. The patients are people to be treated with dignity and respect no matter their ability. It's always a day filled with many learning opportunities on both sides of the table.

So there is much to be thankful for this Monday evening. So many graces have flowed over my daily life in the past week...I hope I can remember them all:
#458 - candles lit for celebration
#458 ~ #484
*candles lit for celebration
*a birthday celebrated with chocolate cream pie
*the smell of freshly washed hair curling around my fingers
*the smile of two sweet sisters singing Happy Birthday
*messages from Grandparents far way on a special day
*56 years of married life celebrated fully
*fresh shucked corn
*strawberries, sweet and juicy 
*blueberries in cream
*an evening laughing with friends
*fizzy cranberry drinks that includes a twisty straw
*an afternoon spent in praise and thanksgiving for life
*vaulted ceiling filled with magnificent tile
*stained glass windows with God's light streaming through
*the presence of the Almighty, calming the heart
*Blessed Mary looking down on her special one, smiles from Heaven
*blissful hours spent in quiet contemplation of all the JOY this child has brought
*honest words exchanged between spouses revealing their tired hearts
*burdens laid before the KING
*laughter spilling forth from open windows, late into the night
*a bright blue sky filled with all the possibilities of a new day
*love of spouse that grows stronger with each day, filling all the broken spaces in my heart
*grilled italian sausage
*ribs served with cold beer
*sisters-in-Christ that listen and hug or laugh, whichever is required
*brothers and sisters
*return to school 
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