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This was the "cake" at a recent birthday party we attended.
The lovely young woman was turning 14 and she LOVES flowers.
So her mother made her a flower garden from cupcakes.
They were as just delightful.
Prettiest flower garden EVER!
This birthday gift made the Miss H squeel.
That is...
after she got through the purple duct tape wrapping paper.
Yes...I said
duct tape. It was so much fun to watch her open it without any scissors.
Then when she got to the goodies inside...
so happy!
This is just proof that one should never have a camera close by the college age son
when your feeling goofy one evening while watching some of your favorite shows.
"Thank yewww, Thank Yewww very much"
This is a problem area right inside the front door.
I need to find a bigger piece of furniture with drawers.
I hope to find something second hand that I can paint or refinish.
What say you my designing friends...thoughts, ideas, inspirations???