pretty, happy, funny, real...hurricane edition

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Yes, I know I am a day behind in posting these pictures but I have a great excuse. Apparently there is a hurricane headed our way and we need to prepare for least that's how everyone is acting. I actually had someone ask me if we were evacuating...seriously?? We live 30 minutes outside of DC and are expected to get 2-5 inches of rain and some gusty winds. That's it...that's all. Please tell me why we would evacuate?? Talk about drama...yowza!

We will probably lose power for a bit and I have prepared the house as best I can for this eventuality. Other than that, there is really nothing else to do but get ready to be indoors for the next 48-72 hours. Okeedokee...I am here is this weeks edition of pretty, happy, funny, real:

...and peaceful...This is Our Lady Help of Christians at the
Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Washington DC.
One of my favorite places on the planet...her arms open ready to hold and help.
I am mending my sons quilt. Yes, this makes me VERY happy.
Why? Because it's been on my "to do" list for weeks now.
As of's done and back on his bed!
Courtney crosses her eyes all the time, especially when she's tired.
Why does she do this? I haven't a clue. The eyes just swim.
She looks quit funny when it happens and I have never been able to get it on film.
The other night she kept doing it while she was giggling...I guess she thinks it's funny too!
Remember that hurricane coming our way...well this is what we do.
Batten down the deep freeze which is filled with about $1500 of meat and veggies.
Now we pray that the power is out for a short time.