seeking balance...

#416 - Goofy smiles with 4 year olds
These last few weeks of summer have been very, very busy here.  Days are filled with doctor's appointments, insurance paperwork, planning and organizing for many different events coming up in the next year, some deep cleaning to get ready for school as well as the beginning of planning a few room makeovers. The kitchen is hopping with new recipes that are tasty and healthy.
#413 - Purple toes and rhinestones...
I have been focused on looking at every aspect of my crazy life through the lens of "Eucharisteo" and to my amazement, I have felt calmer and more resilient to the ups and downs than I have been in quite some time. Thanksgiving really does beget joy and lots of it!

#412 - Abundance that comes from the cherry tomatoes...
This week I am grateful for:
#412 - # 441
* the abundance that comes from the earth, grown with my own hands
* purple toes and rhinestone sandals
* for spiritual teacher who open their hearts and their homes no matter what day or time to pray with and guide me and my family. They are more precious than gold.
* doctors who smile even when the news they bare may break your heart. Theirs in never and easy job.
* goofy smiles with four year olds
* snuggles on the sofa with one curly headed blond
* friends who feel your distress through the phone and show up on your front door step with pie
* paint chips with new bold colors
* the courage to chose a new bold color from said chips
* newly minted one year olds 
* smashing cake and smearing frosting
* chicken kabobs with a new marinade
* a circle of friends laughing 
* cold beer and hot BBQ
* pilgrams on a journey across the ocean
* Grandparents who love from afar
* a Sunday homily that challenges me to pray to love more, forgive more and find more JOY
* college football season
* the thought of cooler weather coming when the thermometer says 110 degrees
* healthy food that fuels the body
* waking up with the sun
* afternoon naps on a rainy summer day
* a book that makes you cry
* a book that makes you angry
* a book that does both
* new cotton sheets in sunshine yellow
* the hum of a sewing machine
* all the possibilities in a new embroidery project
* glitter glue
* My Lord and MY God!
For more inspiration, please stop in with Ann@Holy Experience. God is good...ALL the time!