windows open...grace flows in...

Well Hurricane Irene kissed us goodbye early Sunday morning and the clean-up began.  Leaves and fallen branches, rocks and lots of yard debris needed to be cleared away. We never lost power so that alone was a miracle. It was actually a wonderful weekend filled with LOTS of family time since we were all stranded together. There was puzzle building, hot tea drinking, movie watching, roasted chicken eating goodness. Then we HAD to eat all the ice cream left in the house. I mean we would have lost it all if we lost power. A girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do.

So without further ado, my list of blessings. To God be the GLORY!

#485 ~ #515:
*electricity remaining on while the winds pounds the house
*no loss of property or life in our town
*being prepared for the storm
*being calm during the storm
*praying for those who lost everything
*cleaning out the fridge with my guy
*praising God for the gift of a hot meal shared with the ones I love the most
*the windows open on a beautiful summer day
*cicadas in the trees singing their song
*summer breezes blowing through the upright trees
*fresh farmer's market produce just calling my name
*1000 piece puzzles
*black and white movies
*exercise bikes that make you sweat
*a workout partner that cheers you on
*books that make you cry, then laugh, then cry again
*hot buttered popcorn
*new recipes shared by girlfriends
*meeting with a dear friend over mint tea
*laughing and crying with said friend
*realizing that we are never alone on this journey
*praising God for the uniqueness of my children
*yelling at God for the uniqueness of my children
*watching my boy become a man, my heart grows prouder by the day
*a confident heart
*laying down burdens for My Savior to carry
*freshly cleaned bathroom
*a clean kitchen smelling of lemons
*newly vacuumed carpets
*dust free bookshelves
*love, no matter how undeserved, for a gracious God

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