domestic diva 101...

As I navigate this season of my life, no longer homeschooling and now working part-time outside the home, I have struggled a bit meeting expectations as far as a "newer" division of responsibilities in the home.

I have been a traditional homemaker for 22 of the last 23 years. I have cooked, cleaned, and cared for my home managing the finances as well as the education of the children.  That's how my husband and I wanted it.

Now that I spend part of my week outside the home it's been much more challenging for me to meet those homemaking goals. Bringing in a house cleaning service or hiring a mothers helper is not an option. I bow to you ladies who have managed your home while holding down full or part-time work all while raising your children. Too many balls in the air for me, especially with all the specialized care Miss Courtney requires.

So I asked my husband to think like a CEO and write me a new (if your world was perfect) job description to help me manage and meet expectations, both mine and his. Here is what he wrote:

Job Description (in my perfect world) for My Domestic Diva:
A.  Household
     1. All laundry folded within 48 hours of washing.  Domestic Pickle's (Miss Courtney) laundry immediately stowed and organized for easing accessorizing by Domestic Dude.
(Do you think he noticed the HUGE pile of laundry that ate our sofa?)

     2. Piles of magazines and internet printouts in main living room limited to 1 pile near favorite chair, no long-term piles on dining room table.
(I think I may need to attend Clutter Anonymous)

     3. Dust bunnies exterminated once a week, 10 days at outside
(What? You don't want to write love letters in my dust?)

B.  Kitchen
     1.  Dinner by six on most days.  Other times by prearrangement.  All meals should be from pre-approved cookbooks or internet printouts.  Experiments with bean sprouts   
     should be minimized
(That would mean you would need to be home by six...or there may be bean sprouts...just sayin')

     2.  NO TOFU except for Pad Thai is allowed.
(still laughing...)

     3.  Crockpot meals encouraged; casseroles also appreciated
( I am the Casserole Queen...ya know in Minnesota they call them the "Hot Dish!"...wink, wink)...)

C.  Errands
     1.  Domestic Diva responsible for all errands except emergency grocery stop for evening dinner or afternoon dry cleaning pickup
(as long as it involves a drive by at Starbucks, I am cool with that)

     2.  Weekend errands/shopping should only occur in conjunction with bacon-wrapped shrimp and movies with explosions and automatic weapons
(This translates into "I buy shoes, you get bacon wrapped shrimp AND get to pick the movie.")

D.  Domestic Arts
     1.  Domestic Diva should handle all fashion creation for Domestic Pickle to avoid excessive fashion merchandising at local Forever 21
(I just cleaned out this child's closets. It was like going through the local Macy's. No problem meeting this expectation)

     2.  Finishing the eternal quilt would be awesome, too
(It would be awesome...)

E. Corporate Relations and Outside Marketing
     1.  Outside relations should be minimized during work week.  Long-distance travel is particularly discouraged from Sept-June.
(except for the Relevant Conference in October and the WRW Event in November...etc...etc...etc...)
 2.  Weekend activities should be limited to close corporate partners, required familial engagements (no more than once a quarter), and vocational activities.
( You love my family and you know it!)

     3.  Emergency requirements involving death, dismemberment or severe bleeding on a case by case basis
(Dismemberment? Blood? What exactly do you plan on doing in our house? Playing American Gladiator?)

Yes, he is very funny. It's one of the things I love about him.

Yes, I have my job cut out for me. BUT, I don't have to clean a bathroom or do the dishes. Those are in the Domestic Dudes contract. 

My guy covets family time together on the weekends and wanted to make sure we leave as much of that time open for each other without being bogged down by a ton of chores. I agree so I am willing to do the errands and grocery shopping during the week.

How do you and your husband deal with re-defining roles as the seasons of life change in your home?