a heart broken open...

I am still in that chapel on a hill, remembering how awesome God's grace and love can be. There is so much to be thankful for this Monday evening. So much my heart wants to share with you all who come to this small piece of cyberspace and honor me with your presence. I need to count the blessings this week. I need to remember that with growth comes pain and joy all in the same breath.

I will choose JOY...

#539 - #570:
*doctor's who return phone calls and give loving advise and show concern for you as well as the patient
*emergency room doctors who show calm in the midst of crisis
*a father who loves his daughter beyond reason
*a daughter who understands this even though she cannot tell us with her words
*birthday celebrations involving whipped cream and strawberries
*time on a mountain surrounded by God's magnificent creation
*42 thirteen year old girls that seek with their hearts to know, love and serve HIM
*my best friend who prays me through one crisis after another
*watching God's heart break wide open pouring love freely
*watching that LOVE transform hearts and minds
*lake water that reflects the rays of God's sunshine
*singing every word of Mulan
*long walks during an autumn afternoon
*a breeze blowing through my hair while the heat of the sun beats down on my face
*breathing fresh mountain air
*surrounded by silence on a mountain top
*food made with love overflowing
*reading the greatest love story in the Song of Songs
*late night reading unable to put the pages down
*fresh food eaten with those we love
*kettle corn and chick flicks
*song sung round and round with voices at full tilt
*brothers who call and sing birthday wishes
*a mother who loves unconditionally
*helping a young woman achieve a dream
*climbing a tree
*leaves turning amber and orange
*pumpkins piled high at the Farmer's Market
*new recipes from around the world
*forgiveness = freedom
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