mary's book basket ~ "walk strong, look up" by chantel hobbs

Chantel Hobbs has written the first exercise book that I can actually get behind. Or rather will make me get rid of some of my behind. I really enjoyed reading "Walk Strong, Look Up". It's a combination of a workout program and a devotional. She combines prayer and exercise which is something that comes quite naturally to me. It usually sounds like "Oh please God don't let me die!" as I am running up a hill. Chantels's method is a wee bit gentler than that.

Everyone can walk. Everyone needs that one on one time with God each day. Combining the two things for me makes perfect sense. She maps out a four week program to get started along with sharing recipes and inspirational stories. It is now my number one reference guide to healthy living. I am on Week 3 and am feeling better everday. My body is getting stronger and my relationship with the Lord is closer.

If your looking for something to jump start you body and your soul, pick up a copy of "Walk Strong, Look Up." It just might change your perspective.

Product Description:
One day Chantel Hobbs had had enough. She vowed to lose weight and keep it off for good. And that's exactly what she did. Nearly 200 pounds lost and years later, she shares with readers the power of the world's most natural exercise--walking. Almost anyone can do it, it rarely causes injury, it costs very little to get started, and it can be done anywhere at any time. Better yet, it affords exercisers the opportunity to connect with their Creator.
Complete with workout routines, tips on proper shoes and nutrition, recipes for power shakes, and even a free download of a thirty-minute walking workout that includes music and Chantel's coaching, Walk Strong, Look Up is the whole package. Chantel also reveals how walking and praying at the same time both intensifies the workout and adds a spiritual component to exercising that helps readers maintain their energy and enthusiasm. Anyone who desires a stronger body and a deeper connection with God will love this book.