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It's been a few weeks since I have posted anything for Like Mother, Like Daughter's blog fair "pretty, happy, funny, real". When I was looking at all the photos I have taken in the last few weeks, I saw several themes. One being the season of fall. I love fall. The cool air, the beautiful colors changing all around, the return to baking, stews and soups bubbling on the stove and of course FOOTBALL! 

A few weeks ago my family and I attended our towns Fall Festival with our dear friends the Silva's. It was Miss Christine's birthday weekend so we had much to celebrate. There were booth's with handmade quilt's, sparkly jewelry, homemade fudge and bread, lots of fall decorations, children's clothing, doll clothing and a few vintage finds. There were pumpkins and apples everywhere. Simmering cider, caramel apples and street food enticed our senses the entire time we were there. It was so much fun!! 

Here is a peek into our fun:
You know I had to start with my girl MIss Courtney! She had such a good time at the fair.
All the smells and noise make her happy. Her hat is made of two layers of cotton poplin.
I love it because she can move and it won't get in her way. 
Do you see her smile??
This is my BFF Christine. It was her 40th birthday weekend.
 ( I know, I know, she looks sixteen!)
She loves fall  and kettle corn. I don't know what gave it away? happy!
Miss Victoria (Christine's younger daughter) made me laugh with her
"happy turkey hair doo dads" (a direct quote).
Cutest turkey I have ever seen!
You see this happy, happy face???
Look below to find out why my guy is smiling like a four year old boy.
(Hint: It's ALL about the food...I know...big surprise!)
My guy takes his fried food very seriously.
Never get between him and a corn dog...
...maybe it's the mustard...or the deep fried crusty outside...
doesn't matter...just leave him in peace to enjoy each crunchy bite.
His love doesn't stop there though...the fried love goes on...

...the fried dumplings....
... the gyro...
...and you know how he feels about his pork right???
Lot's of good things to eat at the fair.
Of course it will take another month to clean the arteries out!

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