Courtney and Mama after a stellar reading of "The Seven Silly Eaters."
Time...I have been thinking about it a lot lately. 'Tis the season to be rushing here, rushing there, being jolly while picking holly and decorating and shopping and wrapping and...well you get the picture.  At least that's what the world says we're supposed to be doing.

One of the joys of having a special needs child time puts on a different coat depending on the circumstance. Courtney reminds me everyday that nothing is more important in life than the love of God, family and a really great story read while all snuggled up like a bug in a rug.  

Some days time moves at a swifter pace bringing to the surface fear of a time when you won’t be there to care for your special one. Those moments require a special trust in Our Lord to bring peace of mind that He has it ALL under control. 

There is relief when you have survived the day filled with seizures and your mother's heart aches for the suffering that you've witnessed. The day ends in prayer committing that special soul to God for the night and begging Him to allow one more day enjoying this beautiful young woman. 

There is joy in the times that Grandma comes and gives extra attention and love reminding me of similar moments in my youth when she read me books and snuggled close on that lovely 1970 plaid sofa in shades of brow and gold. Who could forget that!

There is tenderness in my mothers heart that breaks wide open watching my son care so sweetly for the sister that will never say his name. Those moments in time will stay with me for a lifetime.

There is the desire to stop time in it’s tracks when Courtney laughs, making the most unbelievably wonderful sound in the entire universe, filling every crook and cranny of my heart with absolute bliss. 

Time is precious. You can’t rush it. You can’t push it forward or back.

There are days when I need to sit with each minute of the day and savor the ebb and flow of it. Be grateful for the gift of it.

Time is to be savored like a piece of sweet pie and a hot cup of joe.

Time should be celebrated as a gift given from the Maker of All Seasons.

Time...it is a gift...to be fully embraced and enjoyed...slowly and perfectly...with friends and family.

Courtney and I wish you lots of time spent with those you hold close to your hearts this Advent season. I pray you take the time to slow down and enjoy living right where you are, fully with joy.

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