as many blessings as christmas lights...

I have been rather quiet here in this space other than to publish cookies recipes and sweet things these past few weeks. Life has been very challenging and incredibly busy. Miss Courtney's weight loss continues to be an issue that befuddles both us and her physician's as well. I have also had to endure a medical procedure or two in the last month so between the two of us, we have had at least three doctors visits a week. Yippee!

Not to worry though, I am fine and Miss Courtney will be in least I pray so.

With one week until Christmas celebrating the birth of Our Lord, I wanted to take a deep breath, be still for a moment and count my blessings...because there are so many...

#645 ~ 1,650 Christmas Lights for Miss Courtney...
Blessings # 645 ~ #692
* 1,650 Christmas Lights for Miss Courtney
* decorating the family tree 
* sharing the story of each ornament as we place it on the tree
* flour, sugar, butter, and cinnamon
* recipes that are passed down from generation to generation
* soy chai tea latte
* making a list and checking it twice
* receiving Christmas cards and letters from friends and family
* being surrounded by the music of the season
* jingle bells
* wrapping stair rails with evergreens and ribbon
* ribbons, tape and holiday wrapping paper hiding special surprises
* finally finding the perfect gift for hubby
* cookie decorating with my favorite guy
* cookies, cookies and cookies

#659 ~ cookies...cookies...cookies!
* humility and grace to face each medical challenge
* playing St. Nicholas delivering joy and love to dear ones
* wool socks and yoga pants
* flannel shirts and mittens
*sparkly party clothes and high heels
* egg nog and spiced rum
* the sweet surprises left by neighbors
* watching the excitement on CollegeMan's face as he snuck in his Christmas gifts, knowing he got just the right ones. 
* new fabric and patterns promising hours of creative delight
* chocolate peanut butter fudge wrapped for giving
* teachers and therapists who love my daughter and surround me with love
* walking next to the man who holds my heart
* watching my daughter dissolve into giggles as her big brother reads "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" with his special "CindyLooHoo" voice
* successful medical procedures with clean results
* surviving many seizures with prayer and patience and a bold determination to see the TRUTH of God's provision in each circumstance
* praying to Rosary daily as Miss Court and I drive to school
* holding a precious little one who means the world to her Mama and Daddy, so new at this vocation called parenting.
* a patient spouse willing to take on more so his wife can rest
* the gift of marriage
* holding hands during the Our Father knowing HE is the reason for the season
* looking across the table at the man that I have loved for 25 years and knowing he probably loves me more, if that's possible.
* writing friends who believe that I will accomplish what feels like impossible
* the power of encouraging words and the grace to use them often
* lighting the fourth candle on the Advent wreath
* taste testers who wait in joyful anticipation of my next culinary success
* completing the blog edition of my memoir
* having the guts to begin the revisions for the "book" version of the memoir (that's ALL God's doing)
*celebrating the successes of others
* the honor of praying for others in distress
* Mary, the Mother of God's humble "yes"
* hope for a New Year and all the new opportunities

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