farmgirl follies cut-out cookies...

These are instant gratification sugar refrigeration required!
From rolling to oven to cooling rack to decorations all in the same afternoon!
It's Day 19 of 25 Days of Christmas Treats Extravaganza!! Today we tackle...

Sugar cookies.

They require several steps. Refrigeration and waiting. Rolling out and more refrigeration. Then there is the question of wether you should ice them or just use sprinkles. These are critical choices you know.

Which do you prefer? Sprinkles or frosting?

Fo me there is no choice. Any opportunity to make frosting and I am there baby. So when I received the request to research sugar cookies that did not require refrigeration, I grabbed a hot cup of tea and began reading sugar cookie recipes.

I think my snowman needs a shave! LOL!
I had no freakin idea there were so many ways to make sugar cookies! I read my cookbooks. They all called for refrigeration. No good. Then Google and I made fast friends. I read recipe after recipe on-line. That's when I came across the FarmGirl Follies blog. Her cut out cookies recipe does not require refrigeration AND it involves cream cheese frosting!!

 SCORE!! Sugar cookies I could get behind. 

The secret is the eggs. They bind everything together so the cookies don't loose their cutout shape.

Yea for eggs!

Thank you FarmGirl Follies! You have solved a huge baking dilemma.

For the recipe PLEASE click here!! You won't regret it!!

Happy Baking!

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