snow and some time away...

It actually snowed here today for the first time this winter...Yea!!

Hello my sweet friends, 
I pray that 2012 is treating you and those you love with lots of love. Things here at Chez Lenaburg are busy, busy, busy so my time here in this space is quite limited at the moment. Thank you so much for your patience with me. I had hoped to return full-time this week but Courtney's daily needs are intense at the moment so family wins. 

Miss Courtney is hanging in and handling the adjustments on her VNS device fairly well. The daily seizures are still present but the ferocity is lessening. We have six more adjustments to go through until her calibration is where we need it to be. This means twice weekly neurology visits plus lots of data tracking and note taking by Mom/Nurse by day and night. 

I have been able to get back in the kitchen with a renewed fervor. Always on the look out for new tasty recipes that are fairly healthy I have been able to bring some new flavors to our dinner table. I also have dusted off the sewing machine and started to sew once more. It makes me smile thinking about all the possibilities for the new year in the home dec department. It's time to show some love to our tired little Cape Cod.

Miss Courtney tucked in for a long winters nap...with her stuffed puppy Roxie II...

So onward we go. Once Mis Courtney's VNS is fully calibrated I look forward to being more present in this space. I will be popping in every once in awhile in the next few weeks and I hope you'll still be here. If not, I completely understand. 

Thanks for all the prayers and support for my girl. Know that we pray for all of you everyday. 
Blessings and Grace my Friends, 

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