pretty, happy, funny, real...

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~

Yes...I am finally back. Miss Courtney is doing well once more after a few dicey weeks. Living with a disabled young adult with a seizure disorder means life is never dull.  I have not had much time for picture taking or blogging lately so I do appreciate anyone who is still here to read these pages. Y'all are the best readers, always praying for us and lifting me up in the darkest hours. 
I so appreciate it...I truly do. 

I am so excited to participate in this weeks {pretty, happy funny, real}. I love reading everyones posts on what is going on in their world. It makes my sleepless nights much less lonely. 
So let's get to it shall we...

I am learning how to knit!! It's something I have wanted to do for
so long and now I actually understand what knit 1, purl 1 means!!
So exciting!
The above project is a scarf that I am making and will probably
be done by Easter! LOL! I am just knitting on this. No other stitches.
I wanted to get comfortable with it before I got adventurous.'c coming along...slowly but surely...and it's
preventing me from snaking too much late at night.
Double YEA!!

I asked for yarn, needles and knitting books for Christmas from my husband.
It was the only gift I really wanted. Now I leaf through these pages and drool
over the beauty displayed. I can't wait to try something.
Oh confidence...don't fail me now!!

This is my husband of 23 1/2 years...the awesome JD.
You have seen him on these pages before and he is usually
wearing that goofy smile. It's a dangerous means he
is up to something. On this particular night, he decided to
make Chicken Pompadouro which has a Vodka sauce.
Back to that smile...there was some Vodka left over but
not enough to do much with or so he said.
He made us screwdrivers (vodka and OJ) to sip while
he cooked. They were delish!
I love this man and that funny smile!

The most spectacular Chicken Pompadouro I have ever had!
That guy above with the smile...he ROCKS!