a jammed finger and a funky bone...

Happy Valentine's Day!!

How did your day go? Did you get flowers and chocolate? Did you and your sweetheart have a lovely lunch or dinner together? By candlelight maybe?

Did your kids hand out Valentine's Day card at school? I bet there were some sweet treats too.

Sounds like a lovely day.

Me...How was my day? Oh your so kind to ask...my day was...ummmm...interesting? No, fascinating?

Maybe slightly crazy with a twist of seriously you have got to be kidding me would be a better description.

What happened?

Well,  I substituted at Courtney' school today. It was a sweet bonus for me because today was the International Dinner with the staff and everyone was bringing something to share. This meant I would be feasting on Korean, Polish, Italian, African and Jewish foods just to name a few.

Bonus! It was a great day to forget my lunch.

After lunch we had music class. During the class I noticed the middle finger on Courtney's right hand was slightly swollen and tinged a lovely lavender color. She was none too pleased when I tried to manipulate it. She cried out and pulled her hand away. This is a sign that Courtney's feeling pain.

Not good.

So I had the school nurse take a peak at her hand and she noticed it was slightly swollen. Miss Courtney was NOT happy with anyone touching her hand. She wouldn't stretch out her arm without fussing. The nurse felt Courtney's arm from wrist to shoulder and we both noticed some swelling by her  elbow and up towards her shoulder.

After watching Courtney pull away and fuss at us, I made the decision to take her for X-rays. This is not something I have had to deal with before and I wanted to make sure there wasn't anything more serious happening. The things ticking through my head were blood clots, edema, dislocated elbow, dislocated finger, broken finger etc...etc...etc...

Yes I know. I always go to the dark places when dealing with Miss Courtney. That way when it happens, I feel prepared.

I know, I know crazy...but it's my process. It keeps me calm.

We arrived at the ER and a lovely gentleman actually valet parked my wheelchair van.

Seriously...valet parked the wheelchair van! Oh yeah baby that's livin!

We went and signed in, then with the timing that she is known for, Courtney had a big 'ole seizure while in the waiting room and that got people jumping. Leave it to my girl to move to the head of the line in her own special way.

The next four minutes were filled high drama, Courtney style. When things calmed down she was still very uncomfortable and the arm still swollen.

The Doc said we needed an MRI. All I could think of was that scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark where the evil dude's face melts...that would be Courtney's insides with her VNS in an MRI machine.

So off to the Sonogram Imaging room we went. John, our technician was awesome. He was not intimidated at all when Jerry arrived with his Stalin face in full view. He was incredibly gentle with our girl. He imaged from the neck to the finger. No blood clots, no major edema, but there was some minor swelling in the finger. No damage to the soft tissue in the arm.

Excellent news. So we head back to the ER to wait for the X-rays.

That experience was not as pleasant as the sonogram. The technician would not let Jerry or I go back with her. I put my foot down and explained her disabilities and the fact that she had just had a seizure. He relented to allow us to help getting her on the table and then once she was situated we had to leave and wait outside the door.

NOT a happy Mama moment I tell you. Jerry told me to chill and I tried until I heard her cry and then I charged in like the Super Mama I am with my laser bolt eyes ready to take someone out.

"Why is she crying?" I asked in a not so gentle tone.

The technician smiled at me and explained that Court wasn't happy about flattening her hand for the X-ray.

Really...dodo head...it's swollen and hurts...sheesh...

No I didn't say it out loud...my Mama didn't raise no dummy.

I looked at my husband and he read my mind beautifully and took over.

X-rays were completed and we went back to the room to wait for the final diagnosis.

Basically she has a jammed finger and a funky humerus bone.

It's like this the Doc explained:
"She jammed her finger at some point. Because she doesn't protect herself, when she injured her finger the trauma traveled up her arm causing some minor swelling in the wrist and elbow."


He went on "Then she probably was leaning on it for a period of time today since she tends to be static with her upper body at times. This contributed to what I call 'positional swelling' like when you sleep on your arm in an awkward position all night and then you can't move it properly the next day.  We also call it Saturday Night Palsy for the people who have a wee bit too much to drink and fall asleep laying on their arm all night."

Of course, Jerry nodded knowingly at this-"Yup been there done that...in my younger days."

The Doc continued "As for the lumps on her humerus it's just how her bone formed. It's not a spur or a growth of any kind. It's just Courtney."

"Excellent...so in five hours we have gone from possible edema and blood clots to a jammed finger and a funky bone." I said trying not to laugh.

The doctor suggested  that we splint the finger. He brought out this contraption with two metal splints.

"Oh no," I said. "That's not a good idea."


"Knowing Courtney, she would try to rub her nose, whacking it with the metal and probably break it." I laughed.

"Hmm. Good point." So he taped it and we were on out way in about 15 minutes.

On the way home I called the various prayer warriors that were lifting my girl up and filled them in. I so appreciate every single prayer sent up for our daughter.

We fed Miss Courtney and got her settled for the night. She was smiling as she went to sleep. No one was fussing with her.

I had been doing the potty dance for a while so I was desperate to use the loo.

While I was reading in deep concentration (ahem...I am a lady you know) I heard this horrible thump and bump and crashing down the stairs.

Jerry had tripped and fallen down the stairwell.

I ran, bare bummed, around the corner screaming "Jerry, Jerry. Are you all right? Jerry?"

All I could think was Dear Lord, let him be concious. Let him be breathing. I am NOT going back to the ER!! Today is not a good day to be a widow. AHHHH!!

He was sitting on his bum, looking dazed and confused. "I really would like this day to be over. Where are your pants?"

Yep...this is the freak show that is my life. Welcome to the insanity...

I would like a very large drink now...goodnight...

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