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~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~

I know, I know...he's not just a pretty face...he actually has brains as well.
It's one of the most attractive things about him. He is so stinkin smart.
You can tell by that pretty face he is confident in this fact, can't ya??
He's blogging now under the pseudonym "The Grouchy Historian"(so true!)
over at his blog The Common Sense Barrage.  
Go check our his site. You might learn something...

See this happy smiling face...that's my goddaughter Lilly...she turns five in a few weeks.
Where did the time go? She makes me smile every time I am with her.
Her crazy brother in the background...he's a hoot as well. 

Yes, we are that family that turns into complete goofball once the camera comes out.
See that look on Court's face...oh yea...she is lovin this...NOT!

I purchased this on AshWednesday and I LOVE it!
It's my new motto...especially when on one day the car AND dishwasher both go down.
The car is being repaired and I am now researching dishwashers.
Any recommendations??
It must be Lent. Let the penance begin!