mary's book basket ~ independence day: graduating into a new world of freedom, temptation, and opportunity


Independence Day: Graduating into a New World of Freedom, Temptation, and Opportunity by Michael DiMarco makes fabulous gift for any graduate preparing to enter the very real and sometimes intimidating world.

It's a quick read filled with fabulous advice for the young graduate off to tackle the world. Fear and laziness are your enemy. With a strong biblical foundation, I found it to be really helpful.  I wish it had been published four years ago when my son was facing some tough choices and learning how to handle the great unknown. Mr. DiMarco does an excellent job being frank but encouraging with his strategies for success. It's available now from your local retailer including Amazon.

Book Description: 

Graduation day is independence day for young people. It is the pivotal moment when their lives become more their own than their parents' or their teachers'. But what do you do with all that freedom? The crucial years after graduation, when life decisions and temptations and opportunities flood a young adult's life, are the years that can either make them . . . or break them.

New from Hungry Planet and bestselling author Michael DiMarco, Independence Day is the book every grad needs. With his solid biblical base and tell-it-like-it-is style, Michael shows new graduates that great freedom often comes with great temptation--but that it also brings great opportunity, if seized. And that's the goal toward which he guides them in this engaging new grad book.