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These happy little gems are sitting right next to my 
kitchen sink. They make me smile and remember that
soon, Lent will be over, the sun will be shining and the veggies
will be planted. 
Spring has sprung!


I found the perfect dress pattern for Miss Courtney's prom dress.
It reminds me of the dress maria wore in the Sound of Music. I will
lengthen it of course to prevent any embarrassing wheelchair moments.
The fabric is an ice blue with sparkles. It reminds me of Courtney's eyes. 
Now to get sewing! 


This morning Jerry had to have a routine medical procedure that 
require dus to be at the hospital at O'Dark 30. After he awoke from
the anesthesia, he was so loopy. Remind me to tell you about the "oranges"
one day. Heesterical!
Anyway, Miss Courtney and daddy slept all the way home...

Like daughter...little did I know what was coming...

When we got home, I put them both to bed and took care of some household chores. 
Around 2 p.m. Miss Courtney woke up and was very cranky. I lifted her to the living room
to change her diaper and she was burning up and shaking from head to toe. She was keening which is her way of communicating pain. 
I took her temp and it was a whopping 104.2!

After a quick exam to make sure nothing was out of joint, belly was soft and there were no 
visible signs of something broken, bleeding or swollen, I called the Doc and surprise, surprise...we were told to go to the E.R. 
How's that for marching to the beat of a different drummer
Come on!! Two different hospitals in the same day for two different family members??
 That happens all the time...right??
Oh yea baby...I can taste the chocolate therapy now!!
Less than 24 hours after my attitude adjustment and our first trial comes.  Never think that Sparky de Devil isn't standing at the ready to test your new found resolve to trust and have faith in God's daily plan. HA! Well I gotta say, Sparky - 0...Miss Courtney - 1
The blonde one will kick his butt every time. 

How you ask? Read on friends...

I left Jerry at home because he was still feeling drowsy and out of it from the mornings 
procedure. This trip was a Mama and daughter only. Her fever got as high as 104.7 before the drugs helped bring it down to 101-102 degrees. She was diagnosed with a double ear infection, 
sinus infection, and tested positive for Influenza B. NOT the swine flu thank you very much. A small miracle I appreciate...thank you Jesus!

I sat with her sang, prayed and I held her as close as I could. She was pretty miserable.
Nurse Ann did a bang up job on making sure we were as comfortable as we could be while
waiting for test results. Courtney's new protocol is now in place so this was a great test to make sure nothing was missing. We have chosen not to have a DNR at this time. I know that God
will direct that decision so for now we continue to matter what comes. 

Just in case we needed more proof her immune system is non-existent. The huge concern is always liver, kidney and lungs. All came through with flying colors. How this could be absolutely flummoxed the Docs. They expected her lungs to be compromised and her kidneys to be in trouble. I sent out prayer requests through Twitter and Facebook and I am absolutely certain the reason they weren't is because you all prayed your butt's off for my girl! 

This is how Miss Courtney rolls. 0 to trouble in less than 24 hours, I beg people to pray...and whammo...five hours later we are on our way home with meds and instructions to stay in quarantine for the next seven days. Courtney quarantine that is. 

Mama might go mad if I couldn't get out of the house for seven days. 

Oh wait...I already am...oh was a short trip! LOL!

So here we are at Chez Lenaburg, just keeping it real. If anyone wants to come clean my house and fold about 17 baskets of laundry...I wouldn't say no...

Next week, I could use a little less real...ya know...Hello God? picking up what I'm layin down...just sayin!

The staff at INOVA Fair Oakes really outdid themselves with their gracious and timely service. They were incredibly efficient, so gentle with my girl and over the course of those five hours they took very good care of us. 

Yep...we're marching to that beat baby. Can't you hear the steel drums??

Cha cha cha...cha cha cha...shake that money maker! Wait...why won't it stop shaking when I stop dancing. 

Crap...I need a Dove Bar to deal with the money maker is broken...

Oh and just so you know, when we got in the van to come home from the ER, Miss Courtney heard me start the engine and did this:  

What you see above is my daughter laughing. Oh yea...she's dancing right along with her Mama!

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