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It's been a rough few weeks here. First Court had the flu, then last Thursday, during Holy Thursday Mass she began having a series of seizures that landed her in the PICU at Georgetown University Hospital for three days. So most of these pictures were taken there with my phone using Instagram. 


Again, you've seen this one before...but I must say this was one of the happiest moments in the last few days. Easter Sunday at 3:30 p.m. We were going home from the PICU. There were moments when I thought that was not to be. There are moments now that I have to take a moment and breathe through the fear and panic. In the end, I know I am NOT in control. 

Those curls slay me every day. This face, the mole on her cheek, the buck teeth, the happy content look, the peace in her soul. It's beyond pretty...It's beautiful!

"The God of the Mount of Transfiguration cannot cease transfiguring moments. All grief's being transfigured into a greater grace" 
Ann Voskamp, "1,000 Gifts"


Does not get happier! Daddy and daughter on the couch reading books. 
Happy, Happy, Happy!!

I shared a funny story form the hospital yesterday but wanted to share this photo today. There are a few things Miss Courtney does no matter where we are. One is she always crosses her leg. In her wheelchair or on the sofa, leg is always crossed. 

The other os she always sticks her toes of her left foot out from under the blankets when she sleeps. Always the left foot. Being in the PICU is no different. Apparently temperature control is important to my girl.

Toes out! LOL!


I know I shared this photo before but too me, right now in this moment, this is very real. It's how most evenings go even at home. Someone sitting at the foot of Courtney's bed, waiting watching and reading. I pray we get some answers from tomorrows MRI. We shall see. 

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