pretty, happy, funny, real...

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~

My nieces Samantha (left) and her sister Jessica (right) on their confirmation day.
They are stunningly beautiful young women from the inside out. 

My mother (w/the coral necklace) and eleven of her eighteen grandchildren.
I smile every time I see this photo. Such a wonderful legacy of love to behold. 

Jam season has arrived!
First up STRAWBERRY!  Making jam makes me happy.
It's hot work but the sweet results are worth it,
especially in the middle of January.

As we get closer to Courtney's graduation I have been going through
old photos selecting an assortment for various projects.
This is one of my favorites when she was two.
Eyes rolled, pursed can just hear the internal dialogue...
"Mama, seriously STOP taking my picture in this ridiculous red hat.

Apparently her younger cousin Sean feels the same way about his Aunt Mary
taking his photo as well. All he's missing is the red hat.
Aren't genetics grand! LOL!

Those of you who have visited here often know of my daughter's love
of keeping her eyes closed during photographs. She did it once more
for her Graduation photos. This picture took 45 minutes to get.
Between the head bobbing and replacing the cap about
1,000 times this is the end result.
Forever and always she will  look pleasantly annoyed...sigh...