as the world keeps spinning...

Courtney's flower...a Gerber Daisy...always open to the world...

:: noticing God's glory
It's raining this morning. Not very hard mind you but the lazy drizzle of a summer morning.The grey sky makes me want to curl up on the couch with Miss Courtney and plop a movie in the DVD player. But it's the Monday after a very busy weekend filled with family and celebration. Miss Courtney is now a graduate. God has been so very kind to us allowing us to see this day. His glory is revealed every moment in this young lady...we are blessed... 

:: listening to
Courtney is laughing. I have no idea what about but I tell you, it is my favorite sound in the whole entire world. She woke up smiling this morning. I think she's pretty happy about being done with school...forever. LOL! 

:: clothing myself in
Flip flops, denim capri pants and a pink floral top. Summer has arrived...

:: thinking and thinking
I woke up this morning and looked at the calendar to see what was on tap for the day. It was empty. Seriously...empty! I sat down with my morning coffee and thought to myself "Now what?" It's not like there is nothing to do. Ha! Believe me there is plenty of busy work running our home and caring for Miss Courtney now that she is home full-time. But there are no big events on the horizon. No deadlines to meet. 

I am a deadline girl. I like having a perpetual "to do" list. So an empty calendar is a wee bit frightening to me. 

When I called my hubby this morning and explained my predicament he chuckled. His calendar has never been more full.  He gave me a good piece of advice. "Be still for a bit honey. Give it a few days. You'll know where God needs you to be in time." 

Sometimes the man is freakin brilliant! He knows me so well. I think that I will ponder the possibilities for the next few days before imposing another deadline on myself. The "to do" list can wait...for a little while...

:: giving thanks for

#1046 - #1068

**Graduation day surrounded by the people we hold closest to our hearts
**the staff at the Kilmer Center who have loved our girl well
**my in-laws who taught my husband what service and love look like. He is the man he is because of them.
**my sister-in-law for being such a wonderful example of dedication to the special needs community. She has taught kids like her niece Miss Courtney for almost 30 years. She is awesome!! 
**my husband who cried when his daughter got her special diploma...he loves his girl so...
**my son who stood with his sister these past 19 years loving her and being so proud of each of her accomplishments.
**my mother who has always honored this special girl and recognized the dignity of her life. She is as important as any of her other 17 grandchildren. 
** we are blessed to be surrounded by many people who love our girl and do not see anything but her smile and her curls. They surrounded her with love on Friday...serious love and my heart overflows just thinking about it. too many blessings to count...
**hamburgers, hot dogs and deviled eggs...oh my!!
**children, wagons and a big hill
**cupcakes, cookies and SPRINKLES!!
**new fabric transformed into a masterpiece of coral and aqua perfection paired with orange Chucks
**A BFF that can read my mind and know what is needed before I can open my mouth and express it
**healing of family relationships
**joy in creating a memory for life
**charcoal, fire and my guy grilling meat
**shiny new grill for Father's Day
**movie night with my guy
**clean laundry
**a garden bursting with spectacular veggies heading to my table shortly
**frozen margaritas shared with friends over a game of Dominoes
**Scrabble played for two hours straight!
**my family, my friends, my GOD!!

::pondering prayerfully
I am two weeks into the "Life in the Spirit" seminar that the Youth Ministry core team at our Parish is going through. I have gone through it once before when I was in collage but I must say God is revealing some new and different things this time around. It's is always a journey when you open yourself up to the Holy Spirit and try to follow where He leads...messy at times but fruitful all the same... 

:: creating by hand
I have been sewing for MIss Courtney this past week. I have made a blouse and skirt as well as a sundress. Next up are another blouse and skirt then capri pants galore! I also need to make up some napkins and a table cloth or two. I also need to start watching some embroidery videos. I MUST learn this skill. MUST!

aqua loveliness for graduation...

:: in the kitchen
It's summer time and the garden is bursting with lots of fresh herbs and veggies. I am going to have a gluttony of cherry tomatoes in another week and I can't wait. 

I have been pouring through my magazine s and a few new cookbooks I recently purchased and can't wait to get started. Inspiration her we come!!

:: living the liturgy
We are back in Ordinary time so my plan is to attend Adoration once a week as well as my daily prayer time. I will also be attempting daily mass once more now that Miss Courtney is home full-time.

Another thing I wanted to begin was to read more about the saints. so if you have a favorite book leave it in the comments. I could use a few suggestions on those books.

:: keeping house
Next weekend Jerry and I will sit and plan out the house projects for the remainder of the summer. There will be painting and more painting. Carpet will be coming up and who knows what else we will come up...Think French country mixed with 1940's vintage Farmers kitchen...lots of eclectic happy just thinking about it. HGTV on a we come!

:: planning the week ahead
wellllllll...I am thinking about lots of things...not really planning anything...which is where I need to be right now...

:: learning to
be patient and listen to the leading of the Holy Spirit...being still is NOT my all...

:: loving the moments
where my daughter is laughing with her Grandma who lives 1,800 miles away. This 
picture is one of my favorites from the weekend...

:: Miss Courtney's World
is filled with people who love you her and for that I am ever grateful...

Please join Ann Voskamp @ A Holy Experience to celebrate the little gifts given each day by the ONE who loves us most!