mary's book basket ~ working successfully with screwed-up people by elizabeth b. brown

I really enjoy self-help books. They can be quite enlightening on a number of different topics. So when the latest book arrived in the mail from Revell Publishing, I chuckled at the title knowing I was in for a good read.

"Working Successfully with Screwed-Up People" by Elizabeth B. Brown is a manual of sorts on how to deal with the crazy people you may be working with. You know the ones, they spend all day on Pinterest while your running around like a crazy person trying to meet two different deadlines. Or they sit and chat ALL day long while your trying to get your to-do list conquered. Then there are the emotional ones who raise their voices over the fact that the office microwave burned their popcorn.

Ms. Brown points out that you have a choice in how you handle each and every situation. You can control your response to the insanity and create a positive outcome. The books contains humorous stories to help illustrate the authors main points. There are also questions at the end of each chapter to ask yourself to help you figure out your best response to a given situation proving that yes, you really can work successfully with screwed-up people.

If your struggling with a less than stellar office mate, you may find this book very helpful. I know I did and I work at home.

The book is available May 2012 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.