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Things are hopping here at Chez Lenaburg. One week from today family arrives from Oklahoma, and then next morning Miss Courtney will graduate. As the plans for the big day have come together, I have tried to be as creative and frugal as possible all while trying to achieve a festive and fun atmosphere for the party. 

To that end I am making most of the food from scratch as well as relying on a few friends and their considerable talent to help fill out the table. The menu is simple with hamburgers and hot dogs, but the sides will add a little color and pizzaz to the festivities. Miss Hannah is making Courtney's favorite dessert, cupcakes, and they are going to be beautiful! 

I am so looking forward to celebrating with grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and a few very special friends who have walked closely alongside Miss Courtney these last eight years. I am finding time is my best friend and worst enemy but in the will all come together. At least I hope so. 

Here is a sneak peek into this weeks activities:


Have paper...will decorate...future banners to line the tables of food.
I chose happy bright colors that remind me of my Courtney's smile.
The theme for Court's party is "Rustic Country BBQ" w/ spalshes
of bold colors like lemon yellow, hot pink and orange.
This is part of the banner for the hearth...


My garden has been going nuts this year with all the rain and sunshine. I am so excited to enjoy the fruits of our labors throughout the summer. 

This a a photo of my cherry tomato plant that sits right
outside the front door in my kitchen garden. I cannot
wait to enjoy these little jewels in a few weeks!

This is our blackberry bush which is just going great guns this year.
I see pie and cobbler in my future!!

Yellow squash in the house!! Hallah!! Doesn't this look awesome.
The rain has really helped this year. Can't wait for harvest time!


This is what Miss Court thinks about the whole situation.
She cracks me up!


Yep...still a lot to accomplish...but first...

...lunch anyone??
Tuna w/lettuce, tomatoes and a lovely side of strawberries and blueberries.
Thanks HB!!

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