a weekend to remember...

It has been the most spectacular three days that I can remember in a very long time. It will take me a few days to assimilate all that has transpired but needless to say we have ben surrounded by so much love and laughter. I am in awe at how God just takes care of the details when you have the courage to hand it all over.

Hand it over I did. Oh the story He has written of healing and forgiveness among family members. The love and friendship shown to my family from those closest to me. My heart overflows with gratitude for all the joy these days have brought.

Here are a few images from the last few days...more to come I promise...

My hubby with his parents and older sister...wonderful visit!!

Courtney's Graduation Day with big brother Jonathan and Grandma Lenaburg!!

Courtney at graduation...sleeping...but totally rocking the orange Chucks!!

Jonathan making his mother laugh...he is a crazy man sometimes!!

The grill master tending his meat...Happy Father's day!!


Courtney and Lilo have a conversation...

Miss Courtney and a few of her favorite people....

Grandma Lenaburg brings out the best
in Miss Courtney!

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