unexpected twists and turns met with a smile and lots of coffee and I mean LOTS of coffee...

After a busy finish to last week, Monday morning brought a few new twists and turns to life. We had an appointment with Miss Courtney's Neurology team. It has been three months since we met and Miss Courtney had been doing well, generally speaking, until two weeks ago.

Then the grand-mal seizures returned with gusto and she began to have difficulty with constipation. She has been resistant to working in her stander since coming home from the hospital at Easter. Her overall body strength has been dwindling these past few months and when she doesn't move, other issues are arising.

Due to the constipation, the ammonia levels rise in her blood and she sleeps more. It puts stress on her kidneys and her grand-mal seizures increase in frequency as well.

Miss Courtney doesn't need anymore stress on any system.

SO they did some blood work and we came up with a short-term plan to help her lower her ammonia levels. She is beginning to respond to those meds and things are finally "moving" shall we say. It's not a fun process but necessary at this point.

My prayer is that things improve over the course of this week. I trust in the plan of the Neuro team and in God's plan for our girl. Time will tell if this works.

In the meantime I will do my best here in this space to share some of the good things that are happening in the kitchen and on the sewing table. I also have a few new books in the hopper for review.

So thank you once again for your patience as I try to keep all the balls in the air at one time. Thanks for all the prayers and good wishes for Miss Courtney.

You all are the best!

Miss Courtney on a better day than today...

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