a few prayers for Miss C...

**update at Noon on Wednesday - Thanks so much everyone for the prayers. We have found a GP for Miss Courtney. He was so sweet with her. He asked all the right questions and answered all of mine with precision. He is forward thinking and supports our care plan for Courtney. He is a man of action and I so appreciate that in a physician. Follow-up visit is already scheduled for three weeks. In the meantime we have to get our homework done. Blessings...
OK Friends,
We need a little prayer support in the next 24 hours. Miss Court and I will be meeting with a new doctor in the morning. He is a general practitioner and I am hoping that he will be willing to take Miss Courtney on as a patient. I cannot tell you how difficult it is to find a GP that is willing to take on the care of a special needs young adult. I pray he is informed, intelligent, aggressive and able and we are a good fit to his practice.

Thanks so much for your help.