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Hello my dear readers. Thanks to all of you who have left Jerry and I lovely Anniversary wishes here, by email and on Facebook. You guys know how to show the love!

Our day started  out with a dead car battery and a phone call from Courtney's doctor that her ammonia levels are still too high. So now we need to take more drastic measures. He is lowering her Depakote (seizure meds) for the next seven days and we are administering Lactulose for the next three days.

Hopefully this will make her more alert and get those levels to drop. If this doesn't do the trick, we will need to admit her to the hospital. So my faithful prayer warriors...here we go once more.

Please pray that her seizures do not worsen, she responds to the meds to clear her out AND that her mother doesn't totally lose her mind in the next three days.

You guys rock!! Thanks for always being at the ready to help.

I thought I would leave you on a happy note though. This is a little testament to how my hubby and I love on one another.

He brings me flowers of a deep royal red. He says they remind him of how intense and passionate I am. I proceed to show him how intense and passionate I am <giggle...blushing as red as the roses>

I make him one of his favorite desserts EVER - a Blackberry Nectarine Fruit Crisp. I know the way to this mans heart is through his stomach...

See, as men and women we have different love languages...both sweet and both equally wonderful.

Happy Anniversary my love...here's to twenty-four more years of walking side by side!


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